Specializing in daily dog walks while you’re away at work and in your home vacation care.



I understand it’s difficult to leave your pet while you’re away at work or while on vacation.  I feel most animals are happiest staying in their own home and keeping with their same routine.  That’s why I provide in home pet sitting services. I will make visits to your home to help your pet stick to their normal schedule.  If they love walks I provide 20 minutes or more of exercise on our walks.  If they enjoy playing fetch in the yard, then we’ll do that.  Prior to my first visit I will come to your home for a meet and greet to go over your pets needs.

Usually cat visits are once daily, but some people prefer twice a day or every other day.  Each visit I will scoop the litter box and if needed change out the litter entirely. Of course feedings and friendship are provided also.

Each pet visit also comes with house sitting.  Do you have some outdoor or indoor plants that need watering?  I will bring in the mail, newspaper and packages. Lights will be turned on and off at your home. It certainly will not appear that someone is away. My son offers lawn mowing for $25 if your vacation takes you away from home for a longer period of time.

“I know that they are more than a pet, they are family”